Aldren is headed to the Noble Library while the rest of us go to the Delver Library. After two hours, the only thing I found out was that Stoneshaft, another name for Thornhold, was active until the Night of Dissolution. KAT learned that there were two entrances: one for the Day King and one for the Night King. These entrances were sealed long before the Night of Dissolution. Balik learned that Thornhold was the first dwarven stronghold in Ptolus and supported the entire mining industry in Ptolus. Graham learned that the dwarves did not have much of a magic trade. I spent five hours lookingup why the entrances were sealed. Many explanations were contradictory, but the one that was consistent was that they were sealed to protect the dwarves against an invasion by giants. Balik learned that the Day King and the Night King were physical beings, not just myth, but were mostly figureheads. The giants had magic and were able to break through the dwarven barricades and enslaved them.

For the rest of the day, we caroused. KAT did some pit fighting. He won his fight and 100gp. Graham sold some things. Balik continued researching; this time from the human viewpoint of Thornhold. He was unable to learn anything new. I, as I usually do, trained. It has occurred to me that I have reached a plateau in my training. I should seek out a Viridian Lord for further training. I have brought this idea up to my father in the past and he has always disliked the idea.

While we caroused, Aldren made potions. Some other students were spying on him and making jokes. A teacher caught them and they scurried away. She asked him about any contraband and he handed over the spectator skin scraps and some animal teeth for analysis. He finished his potions but she still had not returned. Janelle Thornboro found him and gave him a notice for another disciplinary hearing. This time it was for using illegal materials. Skin and blood are forbidden materials. 

During the night, Aldren had a very vivid dream about a midget and a family member he does not fully trust. David marginalized the use of a crowbar -Mike. Aldren received a note in his dream saying "Your destiny lies chained to the evil blackness of a desperate world. Your destiny is to blame and your future lies unfurled…" The rest of the prophecy is written down in Lopez's notes.

Aldren told us about his disciplinary hearing over drinks at the Onyx Spider. As Aldren became animated, Barras came over. We all talked about the Inverted Pyramid. Barras introduced himself to us and renamed KAT to Mortimer. 

Aldren and Barras went to the Inverted Pyramid. Aldren apologized to Janelle. Janelle cannot seem to remember Barras being a member of the Inverted Pyramid for very long. He is far too skilled to be a first year student and she does not seem to remember him being one. Aldren received a letter from his parents, apologizing for his cousin's actions. He, Tristan, is sending Aldren a box with something live inside. 

We went to Baranamir's Books and found out that the tabards belonged to the Moonsilver clan, which were half elves, and the Red Arrow clan, which were elves. Both were destroyed long ago. Some pirates came in to shake down Baranamir. They were from the Windcarver. The pirates attacked us and were eventually defeated. A fire started and Graham used a geyser of water to put out the fire and save the books and building. We turned the pirates over to the city guard.

We returned to the Onyx Spider, where Aldren was reading over the Inverted Pyramid's rules. The next day he had his meeting. Findlethisk does not know who Barras is. Aldren has returned and we will set out for the Necropolis and Calasthamus Isle to find Eberk.



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