The races of Serran are in many ways the same standard races found in Player’s Handbook. However, a few unique aspects to each race are discussed below that tailor them to this setting. In addition to several new races and a few “monster” races also make acceptable player characters.


There are two great overclans of dwarves in the known world – the Stonelost and the Grailwardens. There are stories of a third clan lost to history over a millennia ago.

GRAILWARDEN – Use standard rules for Mountain Dwarves.

STONELOST – Use standard rules for Hill Dwarves.

All dwarf PC’s gain proficiency with firearms.


In ancient days, halflings and gnomes were considered types of elf, as they all originated from the Feywild. There are still several distinct elven types. The magic-loving, cultured Shoal, the moon-revering wild Lunas, the Dark elves of the Underdark, and the cursed and twisted Harrow.


SHOAL – Use standard rules for High Elves

LUNAS – Use standard rules for Wood Elves

DARK – Use standard rules for Drow



When the elves fought against Ghul, the ancient leader of the Galchutt, thousands of years ago, Ghul had captured many elves during this time and corrupted them utterly with dark magic before releasing them to the world. Thus, creating the Harrow elves as enemies of the elven kingdoms. Over time, Harrow elves have existed as a reminder to the evils that exist just beyond the veil. While not inherently evil, themselves, they are bitter and jaded souls. They have learned to cling to the shadows. Harrow elves are disdained by virtually all others, but especially by other elves who seem them as an abomination only slightly better than dark elves.

Harrow elves have the same general build as other elves. Their bodies typically bear horrible birthmarks, scars or other deformities. Their flesh is a pale yellowish-white and their eyes are red. Their lifespan is much shorter than other elves, and a Harrow elf will always breed true, regardless of the race of the other parent.

Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom score increased by 1

Greater DarkvisionYour darkvision has a radius of 90 feet. And you can see through magical darkness.

Fragile Mortality: When you spend Hit Dice, you do not add your Con modifier.

Shadow Fade: Gain proficiency in Stealth

Shadow StepCan cast Misty Step, this trait is regained after a short or long rest.

Elf Weapon Training: You have proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow and longbow



Gnomes are the rarest of the major races. Gnomes love magic and music above all else (an alternate name for them is loresong faen). They dwell throughout the lands of Cherubar, Rhoth, Palastan, the Underdark and the Sea Kingdoms.

Use standard rules for gnomes



As with gnomes, most creation myths and stories name halflings as an original race of elvenkind. They frequently live among humans. Lightfoots tend to be more nomadic then their Stout brethren. The oldest of all the halfling types are the Fallowhide. Fallowhides are known throughout for their lorekeeping and have the ability to communicate telepathically.


As a fallowhide, you are a natural historian and are even more intimately familiar with the creation stories of your race from the Feywild. The psionic ability prevalent in all Fallowhides belie their deeper connection to the Feywild.

Fallowhide tends to have fair skin and often blue or violet eyes, and are prone to having less body hair than their counterparts.

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 1

Student of Old Lore: You have proficiency in History and with calligrapher’s supplies

Silent SpeechYou can speak telepathically to any creature within 30 feet of you. The creature understands you only if the two of you share a language. You can speak telepathically in this way to one creature at a time.



 Although understandably rare, half-elves are more common in the city of Ptolus. Half-elves are almost always half Shoal.

Use standard rules for half-elves

Some half-elves, tend to take more from their elven parentage. You may choose a half-elf variant in place of the Skill Versatility trait.

  • Half-Shoal: can choose Keen Senses, Elf Weapon Training or Cantrip
  • Half-Lunas: can choose Keen Senses, Elf Weapon Training, Fleet of Foot, or Mask of the Wild
  • Half-Darkcan choose Keen Senses, or Drow Magic


Most half-giants resemble taller, more muscular version of their human parent. They will sometimes take on a slight hue to their flesh depending on their lineage. Not as common in present times, as half-giants were used to battle the dracha during the War of Ages. They live among human settlements, often working as bouncers or hard laborers. Choose a subrace among cloud, fire, frost, hill or stone.

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score and Constitution score increase by 2

Size: Medium, about 7-8 feet tall.

Speed: 30 feet

Oversized: You can attempt to grapple or shove creatures of Large or Giant size

Stone Throwing: You are proficient in thrown improvised weapon

Languages: You can speak and write Common and Giant

<u>Cloud:</u> Sometimes, with whitish-blue hair and with dark cloudy skin. They are gifted with magic.

         *Keen Smell: Have advantage on Perception checks based on smell

          *Cloud Giant Magic: You know the Light cantrip. At 3rd level, you can also cast Misty Step once per long rest. Constitution is your spellcasting ability score

<u>Fire:</u> With flaming red hair and dark skin, they are skilled with tools, most notably at smelting, forging and smithing.

          *Tool proficiency: Proficiency in your choice of carpenter's tools, smith's tools or mason's tools

          *Fire Giant Resistance: You have resistance to fire damage and are naturally adapted to hot environments

<u>Frost:</u> Sometimes with bluish tinted flesh and gray or white hair. They can brave winter's deep chill and gifted with the axe.

           *Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with handaxes and battleaxes.

            *Frost Giant Resistance: You have resistance to cold damage and are naturally adapted to cold environments

<u>Hill:</u> Surprisingly the tallest of the half-giant kin, they tend to be barrel-chested and slightly hunched, they however tend to inherit the impulsiveness of hill giants.

             *Long Gait: Your base walking speed is 35 feet

             *Grounded: While you are touching solid ground, you have advantage on Strength based ability checks and saving throws against being pushed or pulled.

<u>Stone:</u> With stony skin and chiseled features, you are at home among the mountains. They have a penchant for herding and carving.

              *Darkvision: You have darkvision up to 60 feet

              *Stone Camouflage: You have advantage on Dexterity Stealth checks to hide in rocky terrain.



Half-Orcs tend to come from the Ornu-Nom tribes of Palastan and Rhoth.

Use standard rules for half-orcs


Despite being the youngest of the common races, humans are the most prevalent. There are various human cultures that exist in the known world.

You may choose to use the standard human race in the Player’s Handbook or choose one of the culture variants below.

  • CHERUBAR - + 1 Con, + 1 Wis, + 1 Cha. Gain proficiency in Nature skill.

Choose one of the following:

    Out of Memory and Old Tales: Known for being sages as well as mountaineers, you may re-roll any failed skill check (keep rolling until a success) this is usable once per long rest.

   Tough in the Fibre: Living in the mountains belies your toughness, when regaining hit points, you may roll any one Hit Die twice and add the results together


  • EASTERN HORDES - + 1 Str, + 1 to any other two ability scores. Gain proficiency in Land Vehicles (horse) skill.

Choose one of the following:

     Horse Archery: You are allowed to use a bow from horseback without drawing disadvantage on attack rolls against foes within 5 feet of you. Additionally, you gain a + 1 bonus to ranged combat attack rolls while mounted on a horse.

      Sword & Spear: The Eastern Hordes horsemen are feared and respected warriors throughout the lands. When you are using a broadsword, longsword or spear while mounted on a horse, you gain a + 2 bonus to damage rolls.


  • KEM - + 1 Int, + 1 Cha, + 1 to any other ability score. Gain proficiency in either Arcana or History skill.

Choose one of the following:

      See the Unseen: The mysterious occult culture of Kem has given many the ability to perceive beyond the veil. You are automatically aware of the presence or proximity of ghosts, shades and wraiths of any kind. A successful DC 15 (Arcana) Int ability check yields additional information on the nature of the haunting.
       Wraith Bane: You have become well known for your ability to deal with undead threats. All of your attacks cause + 2 damage to undead creatures.

  • NALL - + 1 Con, + 1 to any other two ability scores. Gain proficiency in Survival skill

     Choose one of the following

     Brothers to Bears: You barbarian ancestors have taught you to heed the call of an ancient animal heritage. You gain Darkvision of 60'. Also at night you have advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks and you add double your proficiency bonus to all checks.
      Skin-Coat: So long as you wear no armor of any kind, you have resistance to non-magical piercing damage.

 PALASTAN - + 1 Dex, + 1 Wis, + 1 to any other ability score of your choice. Gain proficiency in Stealth.

Choose one of the following:

     Bowman of the Guild: The Viridian Lords are the self-appointed defenders of the Palastan. All of your ranged attacks with longbows have a + 1 damage bonus. Additionally after you make a successful ranged attack with a longbow, you may take a bonus action to re-roll the weapon's damage dice and use either total. You must take a long rest before you can use the damage re-roll ability again.

     Deadly ArcheryYou have a natural talent for hitting your mark. All of your ranged attacks with a shortbow have +1 damage. When making ranged attacks with a short bow, you do not suffer disadvantage for long range, nor for attacking within 5 feet.

 PRUSTAN (Amazons) - + 1 Dex, + 1 to any other two ability scores. Gain proficiency in Animal Handling .

Choose one of the following:

    Matriarch of War: You have advantage on all attacks against male humanoids in an encounter. Also as a bonus action you utter a kiai-style warcry that inspire all allies within 60 feet that can hear you. You and affected allies can add 1d6 to any attack, skill or saving throw before the start of your next turn. Both abilities are regained after a long rest.

     Shield-Fighting: If you are fighting in melee with a shield you can use a bonus action to make a melee combat attack with your shield. You add your Str ability modifier to the attack roll but not to a successful damage roll. Shields cause 1d4 bludgeoning damage, great shields cause 1d6 bludgeoning damage.

RHOTH - + 1 to any three ability scores. Gain proficiency in Medicine.

Choose one of the following:

     Dreams of Elder DaysYou have learned to recover from your exertions even while engaging in repetitive tasks. When you finish a short rest, you automatically recover a number of hit points equal to your Con modifier without expending Hit Dice.

     Staunching Song of the Workmen: This song has been passed down from generation to generation. Working songs to pass the time away toiling on the vast farms in the Plains of Rhoth. After you finish a short rest, you may sing this song to recover a Hit Die + your Con modifier's worth of damage without expending one of your Hit Dice. If you spend your Inspiration, you may do the same for all the other members of your company.

 SEA KINGDOMS - + 1 Dex, + 1 Cha, + 1 to any other ability. Gain proficiency in Vehicles (Sea). 

Choose one of the following: 

     Trader's Savvy - You have advantage on all Charisma ability checks when involved in direct negotiations against one other person.

     Water Legs - You always have advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) ability checks and any saving throws involving keeping your footing. In addition you can always choose to substitute Dexterity for Strength when making Athletics checks involving swimming.

TARSIS - + 1 Wis, + 1 Con, + 1 to any other ability. Gain proficiency in either History or Religion.

Choose one of the following:

     Captain of Valour - When any ally within 30 feet misses in battle, you may use your reaction to make that ally automatically hit. This is regained after a short rest.

     Warlord of Honor - You take a bonus action in battle to reveal yourself, by shouting an ancestral battle-cry, unsheathing a legendary weapon, or showing a coat-of arms. Your allies within 10 feet immediately recover 1d6 + your Cha modifier in hit points. Your enemies within in 10 feet must make a Wis saving throw (DC 15 + your Cha modifier), failure means the enemies are under the frightened condition for 1 minute. This ability can be used once per long rest.


 DRACHA (Dragonborn)

Born of dragons to help serve them against their war with the giants and their goliath kin. Some Dracha swear themselves to all things dragonnkind, while others offer their prowess to great armies, while others find themselves adrift, with no real calling in life.

Use standard rules for Dragonborn


Tritons guard the ocean depths, building small settlements in deep trenches, some of these portals to the Elemental Plane of Water. These champions of good are not familiar with the ways of the surface world, and initial reactions tend to be tense and full of misunderstandings.

Use standard rules for Tritons in Volo’s Guide to Monsters


Just as Devas are found in the known world because of the Malkuth, tieflings exist primarily because of the Fallen. Most tieflings retain an evil outlook, although there are exceptions.

Use standard rules for tieflings. May also use variant rules (except Bat Wings) from Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.


These holy-blooded planetouched are rare. The Malkuth are a higher order of devas that reside in Ptolus, and tend to self-govern their own kind. Although some Devas tend to keep to themselves or develop their own lives among the other races.

Ability Score IncreaseYour Wisdom and your Charisma increase by 1

Size: Medium

SpeedYour base walking speed is 30

LanguageGain Celestial as a starting language

Angelic Resistance: You are resistant to necrotic and radiant damage

Legacy of the Ages: You gain proficiency in History

Astral MajestyYou gain a +1 bonus to AC and all saving throws

Memory of a Thousand LifetimesUsing a bonus action, you may add 1d6 to any attack roll, ability check or saving throw. This trait can be used again after a short or long rest.



Litorians are bestial, honorbound hunters. Usually found roaming open grasslands. Litorians only rarely separate from their tribes. They ascribe high importance to the well-being of their families and allies. Honor is very personal for Litorians.

Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity increases by 2 and your Strength increases by 1

Size: Medium

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet

Language: Gain Litorian as a starting language

Darkvision: You have darkvision in a radius of 60 feet

Keen Senses: You have proficiency in Perception

Noble Hunter: You have proficiency in any two of the following: AthleticsAnimal HandlingNatureStealthSurvival

Jaws: You are never unarmed. You are proficient with your jaws, which are a melee weapon that deals 1d4 piercing damage.



At first blush, Verrik appear human. The only physical difference is that Verrik have wine-red skin and either white or blue-black hair. They pride themselves on “contextual thinking”. They believe they see the world from a larger perspective, which leads them to make decisions based on ramifications that others may not see. They value intelligence and wisdom and despise rash actions

Ability Score IncreaseYour Intelligence increases by 2 and your Wisdom increases by 1.

Size: Medium

Speed: Your base speed is 30 feet

Sensory Control: As a bonus action, can selectively shut off their senses. Becoming immune to gaze attacks by blinding themselves. They can willingly go deaf and make themselves immune to language and sound based effects. They can shut off their sense of touch to ignore pain but take disadvantage on attack rolls and any touch-dependent actions. Only one sense can be shut off at a time.

Fortress Mind: Have advantage on all saving throws against psychic attacks.

Natural Mystic: At 1st level, can use Command once per day. At 3rd level can use Levitate once per day. Receives a free roll on Mystics Wild Talent Table.



More than simple monsters, some minotaurs-usually outcasts from their own kind – are quite intelligent and sophisticated. These individuals choose to live among other intelligent and civilized creatures in such places as Ptolus.

Ability Score IncreaseYour Strength increases by 2 and your Constitution increases by 1

Size: Medium

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet

DarkvisionYou have darkvision up to 60 feet

Ferocity: When you take damage that drops you to 0 HP, you may use your reaction to make a single weapon or cast a cantrip before falling unconscious.

Labyrinthine Memory: You can perfectly recall any path you have traveled.

Horns: Proficiency with horns which deal 1d6 piercing damage.

Goring Charge: If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line using the Dash action, doing an extra 1d6 damage with your horns and push the target 5 feet on a successful attack. At 11th level, on a hit, you can push target 10 feet back. This works on any creature size Large or smaller. You may use this a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier. You regain all uses after a long rest.


More common in the lands to the south, these saurians attempt to keep out of the affairs of other races but often fail. Their own myths say they originated in a vast, swampy forest that covered most of what is now the Cold Desert, Palastan, and the Whitewind Sea.

 Ability Score IncreaseYour Strength increases by 2 and your Wisdom increases by 1

Size: Medium

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You have a Swim speed of 30 feet

Natural Armor: If you are not wearing armor, your base AC is 12 + your Dexterity modifier, you can use a shield and still receive this benefit

Natural Attack: You have proficiency with your bite, which does 1d4 piercing damage

Natural PredatorYou gain proficiency in Stealth

Chromophore: You can alter the color of your skin and blend in with your environment. You gain advantage on Stealth checks made to hide as long as you are not moving. If you are wearing no armor and carrying no items, you may attempt to hide while being observed.


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