Fool's Errand

I have found myself at the Onyx Spider because the Ghostly Minstrel is unusually busy tonight. I am joined by my friend, Balik, a forge cleric of Teun. A fancily dressed man has requested that the bard play a song about giving behirs fire. Two fellows at a nearby table are watering down and sharing an ale. A dwarf by the name of Ghelryn Foehammer is looking for someone to hunt some game in the Moonsilver Forest. Balik and I have been cast together with KAT and two wizard types, Aldren and Graham.

We arrived at the village of Mistmill, our set off point for the Moonsilver Forest and its strange, blue mist, and met Shandra Stol, the high priestess of the town, a Lothian worshiper. She told us that the strange, blue mist has been here since the village's founding and very few people journey through it and fewer still return from it. We will take shifts watching over the remaining cattle. The people here are… interesting.

During the night, Graham sprayed Shandra with a geyser of water. Balik saw something in the woods and roused the party. We met Prince Thornacious, who told us that a giant is responsible for the livestock shortage. Sylus, the town alchemist, sold us a bottle of condensed mist, which seems suspicious.

We retrieved Aldren from the alchemist lab and made our way to the temple, where we met Furrl, a very logical hill giant. In exchange for helping Furrl, he left the temple in Balik's care and gave him an old, dwarven clock face. As we were about to leave, Thornacious entered through a portal and attacked us. Thornacious turned out to be a hag.

While we were able to defeat the hag, it was not without losses. The hag planeshifted Furrl to Inurath knows where. The temple seemed to be devoted to day and night. It has nothing to do with the gods of the twenty four hours. We spent the night in the temple and set forth for Mistmill with the recovered livestock. The mist remained. On our return trip, we stalked and killed a deer to bring back to Mistmill. Shandra was surprised we returned. We believe she was working with the hag. She confessed to having worked with the hag. I have used the lavender dye in my hair and it looks very good. I returned to Sylus to find that Aldren and Graham have shaken down the alchemist for nine gold pieces and written "cheater" on his door. We brought Shandra to the church of Inurath in Ptolus to bring her to justice. A quick word with an acolyte led to a meeting with Targus. We left Shandra with Targus and went to Balik's temple to learn more about the temple we found. The dwarves at the temple think it is a relic from the Stonelost. The dwarves got us passes to the Noble Library. I then went home to tell my father of our adventures.


Off diary notes:
Thornacious was sending the livestock to the feywild. The writing of "cheater" on the door resulted from the town alchemist's attempt at using semantics to get out of paying a bet. 

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