Nathala the Vigilant



Nathala is tall and broad shouldered with red flowing hair that hangs over a chiseled, perpetually frowning face. Her ever watchful, bright blue eyes scan for threats and signs of the Undead. She has the ash grey skin and curling horns of her Abyssal heritage. A scar starting at the corner of her right eye runs across her cheek as a reminder of her fortunate survival.


Nathala’s family were traveling merchants. They would travel from village to village selling there wares and buying whatever wares the villagers had to sell. They always traveled in caravans for safety and they only returned home during the winter. Nathala’s family were traveling along the coast through Cherubar and a violent storm coming from the Whitewind Sea forced the caravan to take shelter in a nearby ruins. Unbeknownst to the caravan master the ruins were infested with ghouls. The Ghouls killed eight people including Nathala’s parents before being killed by a traveling cleric of Navashtrom who was serving as one of the caravan guards. Thoian Stoneheart took Nathala back to Ptolus with him when it was clear that no one in the caravan wanted anything to do with a tiefling child. Thoian made Nathala a ward of the temple and she began to learn the teachings of Navashtrom. When her training was complete she sought out the Keepers of the Veil and applied for membership. Many thought that a cleric of the wandering god would be a ill fit but Nathala’s desire to protect others and her hatred of undead proved she would make a good Keeper

Nathala the Vigilant

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