My father seemed unnerved by my tale of adventure. When I mentioned the hill giant, Furrl, he dropped his goblet. He blamed it on his advancing age. My father told Balik that there is an ordinance that the giants must stay away from the small folk. This order was sent down by the giant king Hekaton. Ghelryn Foehammer found KAT at the Onyx Spider. Ghelryn brought the gift of dwarven plate mail for Balik. The plate mail has a strange rune on it. The next morning, after my morning workout, we met at the Ghostly Minstrel for brunch. Balik told us about the Foehammer lineage, which is short and begins in Ptolus. The Foehammer clan is mostly smiths. We decided to go back to the Onyx Spider and saw Ghelryn. He told us of some strange fellow chanting in the surf by the docks. Ghelryn admitted that though the rune has been in his family as long as he can remember, he does not know its meaning.

We went to the docks and saw what appeared to be a priest chanting. The water shot up in two geysers and then sea spawns came to attack us. After all but Graham and Balik almost died, we managed to defeat the sea spawns. The priest-like enemy escaped to some underwater cavern.

We managed to get potions of water breathing. We returned to the docks and got into the water. Graham led us to the underwater cavern, where we encountered a wall. Graham used the decanter of everflowing water, blowing the wall apart and Aldren away. Some force prevented the water from entering the cave. KAT heard the clicking of a claw. On the other end of the cave was the head of a female storm giant. The clicking was coming from a hook horror. Also in the cave was a kraken priest. We killed the hook horror and the kraken priest. We set up a system of nets and brought the storm giant head to shore.

We were met on shore by Ghelryn. After renting a cart, the head was brought to the temple of Inurath while I got my father. My father, Ives, seemed to know Targus. Ghelryn and the rest of us recalled the Night Of Dissolution.

Balik, Aldren, and Graham went to the Noble Library. Balik learned that the clock face represents the Day King and the Night King. He also learned that the clanless dwarves had been enslaved by giants. The rune on Balik's armor is the giant rune for fire. The temple we found in the Moonsilver Forest is tied to giants. Balik learned that the Foehammer clan was valued by the giants as smiths. Ghelryn most likely does not know about his ties to the giants. The oldest dwarf in Ptolus is called Eberk and claims no clan. His is on Clasthamus Isle in the Necropolis.

I will ask my father about Targus in the morning.


Off diary notes: The Day King was known for his kindness while the Night King was known for his cruelty.



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