While we were in Goldenleaf, Balik had his own adventure. He learned that the Stonelost had a stronghold beneath Ptolus called Thornhold. He and Ghelryn went to Dhovel's Treasures in Oldtown and met Dhovel Amberhold, who may know about Thornhold. Balik and Ghelryn learned that Dhovel's cousin, Malgan, an adventuring sort who lives in a manor in Midtown, should know about Thornhold. The two overheard the parrot next door at Imzel's Mystics talk about the great deal Dhovel had offered them. With the key to Malgan's manor in hand, the two went to Imzel's Mystics to talk to the parrot. Imzel eventually asked them if she could help with anything. After explaining his situation, Balik realized he has three children in his care: Aldren, Graham, and I. 

Upon our return to Ptolus, Aldren and Graham ran into Janelle Thornboro at the Inverted Pyramid. She made them sign some paperwork having to do with the disciplinary hearing. 

The next day, I awoke and found my father talking to two Viridian Lords. One called Elaine took me outside and taught me how to make the wild armor that is characteristic of the Viridian Lords. I went to meet up with the others at the Onyx Spider, where I learned that the disciplinary hearing at the Inverted Pyramid went well. Aldren and Graham were called in for questioning because there is a warlock on the loose. Note: Warlock magic is a new type of magic to Ptolus and is therefore suspect. 

After catching up, the group of us went to Oldtown to do some shopping. Balik got the address of Malgan's manor, 23 New Fortune St, and I got a lovely hairpin set with a black pearl. We will be able to sell any jewels we find to Dhovel, who will make things out of them and sell them for a profit. Next door, Aldren was talking to Imzel about hollyblight plants. They are both alchemists and if he brings her three hollyblight plants, she will mentor him. Note: Imzel is also a member of the Inverted Pyramid and the parrot seems to be her familiar.

We went to Malgan's manor at 23 New Fortune St. There were statues representing the dwarven gods, which correspond to the clock face Balik has. In the manor, we battled a spectator, which is sort of a lesser beholder, and some noble skeletons. In the end, we found a dwarven shopping list and a few books. Malgan has an enchanted kettle that turns water into tea! 

Balik thought we might have luck talking to the Delver's Guild. Thinking that Thornhold may be on the Delver's Guild maps, we joined their ranks and went on a shopping spree next door at Ebbert's Outfitters with our new Delver's Guild discount.



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