We gathered ourselves the next morning and set off for the Necropolis. We are looking for hollyblight and Eberk. The hollyblight grows around the oldest headstones and around graves of those who were evil. We found one plant on the grave site of a member of the Vlaadam family: Godfrey? Godfred? Regardless, they were an evil noble family involved in the Night of Dissolution. During the search, we found the tombstone of Tinareg, which spoke to us. It had a good sense of humor. It turned out to be a mimic. It warned us about the sisters and told us Eberk should be around the crypts. 

The demon sisters, Axia and Athea, killed a dwarf, possibly Eberk, to summon a great beast. During the battle, the two demons summoned a zombie catoblepas. During this battle, our friend Aldren fell to the beast's death ray. We were helped during this battle by Talmorr of the Tree Ghost tribe, a Nall tribe. She told us that the storm giant queen, Neri, had been decapitated. We found the head on an earlier adventure.

The giant king, Hekaton, has gone missing and the other giant races are in upheaval and trying to gain power. We must acquire the conch of one of the giant chieftains: hill, fire, frost, stone, or cloud. There is a mound that leads to an underground portal which will bring us to the lands of the giants of our choice. The frost want to find an artifact called the "Ring of Winter." The fire seek to revive Vonindod, the titan of death, to fight dragons alongside them. The hill giant chief is trying to physically become the largest giant by eating her way there. The Stonelost may contain a weapon to use against the giants. The chieftains are Guh of the hill; Thane Kayalithica of the stone; Jarl Storvald of the frost; Duke Zalto of the fire; and Countess Sansuri of the cloud.

Talmorr reincarnated Aldren and he came back as a copper dragonborn. We brought Eberk's body to Targus to cast speak with dead. We were able to ask five questions 

Q: Where is the entrance to the Stonelost?
A: Underneath Ptolus.

Q: How do we enter the Day King's door to the Stonelost?
A: The Palace of Day can be reached through the doors of Thornhold.

At this point, we realized that Eberk would know the location as Thornhold, not the Stonelost.

Q: How was the last way you entered Thornhold?
A: The brass key forged by giants' fire.

We previously found the key in Malgan's manor.

Q: How do we recognize the entrance you last used to enter Thornhold?
A: The entrance is accessible when the shadow of Dreta Phantas hangs on the moon.

Q: What dangers await us in Thornhold?
A: The hounds, the pits of insanity, fearbugs, the unhinged, and the valorians.

Aldren and Graham went back to the Inverted Pyramid to tell Ginelle what happened to him. Aldren will have to pay an 8gp fee for a larger bed. He will have to notify Findle Thisk as soon as possible. They have a meeting tomorrow just before sundown.

The two returned and we went to Imzel's Mystics. Aldren gave Imzel the hollyblight and told her the story of his death and reincarnation. She agreed to take him on as an apprentice and gave him an artificer's spell: Arcane Springboard.

Tomorrow we will research the things Eberk told us about.



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