Family Tree

Graham told me of their adventures while I was away. They went to room 103A at the Inverted Pyramid, where Berengaria Stormchild was teaching Maxel, Sabra, and Tobias an after-hours conjuration lesson. The students conjured some snake plants which were beyond their control. Tobias died in the battle. Jinelle saved the day. This led to yet another inquest for Aldren and Graham. Aldren found a note on his door, but tore it up. Aldren and Graham received a mysterious liquid from Maxel and Sabra the next day. It exploded into a shadow demon. Sabra went catatonic and kept saying "Ssuyk." That is Kyuss backwards. Aldren and Graham used the Spellcrux, which amplifies their magic abilities, but at what cost? Balik looked into the demon's eyes and saw worms, which further indicates Kyuss.

KAT was thrown out of the Onyx Spider and was wandering off when he saw Talmorr of the Tree Ghost Tribe. A skull of a frost giant is buried under a Nall sacred ground and is causing unrest for the dead chieftains. 

It has been one week since I have been home. I have been training with Elaine to become a Viridian Lord. It has been much more difficult than I had ever imagined. I have received a short respite from the training.

We decided on teh Old Goose to discuss the plans for the day. We will help KAT with his quest. We will go tomorrow morning. First, we went to the bath house and we had baths. Once we were clean, we rented a cart and Balik got us some oxen.

We arrived at the burial ground of the Blue Bear Tribe. It was a terrivle experience. Aldren, Graham, and I were aged twenty years. Balik was aged forty. Graham was so frightened he peed himself. He also tried to take the cart back to town. I accidentally blew up one of the oxen and part of the cart. We eventually recovered the frost giant skull.

Having fled the battle and gone directly to town, Graham decided to drink with Barras at the Onyx Spider. He asked Barras why people at the Inverted Pyramid don't know him.

We went to Balik's church, gave them the skull, and got restored to our correct ages, except Balik, who now has a salt and pepper beard. We met up with Graham and Barras. There was talk of the Warlock suspect list. Barras told us that Maxel and Sabra are Findle Thisk's children! He suggested Lady Cardie's at 4 Fountain St in Oldtown as a better place to get a bath than the bath house on Tavern Row.

Aldren went to Imzel for help. She told him to look honestly at what the Inverted Pyramid is really doing for him. How much has he really progressed?

Ghelryn Foehammer came to Balik's around 10pm. Giants are attacking Mistmill!

Books & Burial Mounds Pt 2

We gathered ourselves the next morning and set off for the Necropolis. We are looking for hollyblight and Eberk. The hollyblight grows around the oldest headstones and around graves of those who were evil. We found one plant on the grave site of a member of the Vlaadam family: Godfrey? Godfred? Regardless, they were an evil noble family involved in the Night of Dissolution. During the search, we found the tombstone of Tinareg, which spoke to us. It had a good sense of humor. It turned out to be a mimic. It warned us about the sisters and told us Eberk should be around the crypts. 

The demon sisters, Axia and Athea, killed a dwarf, possibly Eberk, to summon a great beast. During the battle, the two demons summoned a zombie catoblepas. During this battle, our friend Aldren fell to the beast's death ray. We were helped during this battle by Talmorr of the Tree Ghost tribe, a Nall tribe. She told us that the storm giant queen, Neri, had been decapitated. We found the head on an earlier adventure.

The giant king, Hekaton, has gone missing and the other giant races are in upheaval and trying to gain power. We must acquire the conch of one of the giant chieftains: hill, fire, frost, stone, or cloud. There is a mound that leads to an underground portal which will bring us to the lands of the giants of our choice. The frost want to find an artifact called the "Ring of Winter." The fire seek to revive Vonindod, the titan of death, to fight dragons alongside them. The hill giant chief is trying to physically become the largest giant by eating her way there. The Stonelost may contain a weapon to use against the giants. The chieftains are Guh of the hill; Thane Kayalithica of the stone; Jarl Storvald of the frost; Duke Zalto of the fire; and Countess Sansuri of the cloud.

Talmorr reincarnated Aldren and he came back as a copper dragonborn. We brought Eberk's body to Targus to cast speak with dead. We were able to ask five questions 

Q: Where is the entrance to the Stonelost?
A: Underneath Ptolus.

Q: How do we enter the Day King's door to the Stonelost?
A: The Palace of Day can be reached through the doors of Thornhold.

At this point, we realized that Eberk would know the location as Thornhold, not the Stonelost.

Q: How was the last way you entered Thornhold?
A: The brass key forged by giants' fire.

We previously found the key in Malgan's manor.

Q: How do we recognize the entrance you last used to enter Thornhold?
A: The entrance is accessible when the shadow of Dreta Phantas hangs on the moon.

Q: What dangers await us in Thornhold?
A: The hounds, the pits of insanity, fearbugs, the unhinged, and the valorians.

Aldren and Graham went back to the Inverted Pyramid to tell Ginelle what happened to him. Aldren will have to pay an 8gp fee for a larger bed. He will have to notify Findle Thisk as soon as possible. They have a meeting tomorrow just before sundown.

The two returned and we went to Imzel's Mystics. Aldren gave Imzel the hollyblight and told her the story of his death and reincarnation. She agreed to take him on as an apprentice and gave him an artificer's spell: Arcane Springboard.

Tomorrow we will research the things Eberk told us about.

Books & Burial Mounds

Aldren is headed to the Noble Library while the rest of us go to the Delver Library. After two hours, the only thing I found out was that Stoneshaft, another name for Thornhold, was active until the Night of Dissolution. KAT learned that there were two entrances: one for the Day King and one for the Night King. These entrances were sealed long before the Night of Dissolution. Balik learned that Thornhold was the first dwarven stronghold in Ptolus and supported the entire mining industry in Ptolus. Graham learned that the dwarves did not have much of a magic trade. I spent five hours lookingup why the entrances were sealed. Many explanations were contradictory, but the one that was consistent was that they were sealed to protect the dwarves against an invasion by giants. Balik learned that the Day King and the Night King were physical beings, not just myth, but were mostly figureheads. The giants had magic and were able to break through the dwarven barricades and enslaved them.

For the rest of the day, we caroused. KAT did some pit fighting. He won his fight and 100gp. Graham sold some things. Balik continued researching; this time from the human viewpoint of Thornhold. He was unable to learn anything new. I, as I usually do, trained. It has occurred to me that I have reached a plateau in my training. I should seek out a Viridian Lord for further training. I have brought this idea up to my father in the past and he has always disliked the idea.

While we caroused, Aldren made potions. Some other students were spying on him and making jokes. A teacher caught them and they scurried away. She asked him about any contraband and he handed over the spectator skin scraps and some animal teeth for analysis. He finished his potions but she still had not returned. Janelle Thornboro found him and gave him a notice for another disciplinary hearing. This time it was for using illegal materials. Skin and blood are forbidden materials. 

During the night, Aldren had a very vivid dream about a midget and a family member he does not fully trust. David marginalized the use of a crowbar -Mike. Aldren received a note in his dream saying "Your destiny lies chained to the evil blackness of a desperate world. Your destiny is to blame and your future lies unfurled…" The rest of the prophecy is written down in Lopez's notes.

Aldren told us about his disciplinary hearing over drinks at the Onyx Spider. As Aldren became animated, Barras came over. We all talked about the Inverted Pyramid. Barras introduced himself to us and renamed KAT to Mortimer. 

Aldren and Barras went to the Inverted Pyramid. Aldren apologized to Janelle. Janelle cannot seem to remember Barras being a member of the Inverted Pyramid for very long. He is far too skilled to be a first year student and she does not seem to remember him being one. Aldren received a letter from his parents, apologizing for his cousin's actions. He, Tristan, is sending Aldren a box with something live inside. 

We went to Baranamir's Books and found out that the tabards belonged to the Moonsilver clan, which were half elves, and the Red Arrow clan, which were elves. Both were destroyed long ago. Some pirates came in to shake down Baranamir. They were from the Windcarver. The pirates attacked us and were eventually defeated. A fire started and Graham used a geyser of water to put out the fire and save the books and building. We turned the pirates over to the city guard.

We returned to the Onyx Spider, where Aldren was reading over the Inverted Pyramid's rules. The next day he had his meeting. Findlethisk does not know who Barras is. Aldren has returned and we will set out for the Necropolis and Calasthamus Isle to find Eberk.

Lost Among The Crowd

While we were in Goldenleaf, Balik had his own adventure. He learned that the Stonelost had a stronghold beneath Ptolus called Thornhold. He and Ghelryn went to Dhovel's Treasures in Oldtown and met Dhovel Amberhold, who may know about Thornhold. Balik and Ghelryn learned that Dhovel's cousin, Malgan, an adventuring sort who lives in a manor in Midtown, should know about Thornhold. The two overheard the parrot next door at Imzel's Mystics talk about the great deal Dhovel had offered them. With the key to Malgan's manor in hand, the two went to Imzel's Mystics to talk to the parrot. Imzel eventually asked them if she could help with anything. After explaining his situation, Balik realized he has three children in his care: Aldren, Graham, and I. 

Upon our return to Ptolus, Aldren and Graham ran into Janelle Thornboro at the Inverted Pyramid. She made them sign some paperwork having to do with the disciplinary hearing. 

The next day, I awoke and found my father talking to two Viridian Lords. One called Elaine took me outside and taught me how to make the wild armor that is characteristic of the Viridian Lords. I went to meet up with the others at the Onyx Spider, where I learned that the disciplinary hearing at the Inverted Pyramid went well. Aldren and Graham were called in for questioning because there is a warlock on the loose. Note: Warlock magic is a new type of magic to Ptolus and is therefore suspect. 

After catching up, the group of us went to Oldtown to do some shopping. Balik got the address of Malgan's manor, 23 New Fortune St, and I got a lovely hairpin set with a black pearl. We will be able to sell any jewels we find to Dhovel, who will make things out of them and sell them for a profit. Next door, Aldren was talking to Imzel about hollyblight plants. They are both alchemists and if he brings her three hollyblight plants, she will mentor him. Note: Imzel is also a member of the Inverted Pyramid and the parrot seems to be her familiar.

We went to Malgan's manor at 23 New Fortune St. There were statues representing the dwarven gods, which correspond to the clock face Balik has. In the manor, we battled a spectator, which is sort of a lesser beholder, and some noble skeletons. In the end, we found a dwarven shopping list and a few books. Malgan has an enchanted kettle that turns water into tea! 

Balik thought we might have luck talking to the Delver's Guild. Thinking that Thornhold may be on the Delver's Guild maps, we joined their ranks and went on a shopping spree next door at Ebbert's Outfitters with our new Delver's Guild discount.

Small Village, Big Problem

I awoke and discussed Targus and the giants with my father. He told me that Targus was very active during the Night Of Dissolution. He was a close acquaintance, but not quite a family friend. I cleaned up after myself and secretly followed father to the Temple District, where he entered a building that was more of a small chapel that bore the symbol of a black key with a red pentagram. It was the symbol of the god of secrets whose name I think began with an N. The building was almost secreted away in the district.

Elsewhere, Graham and Aldren met Tristan Harpell, Aldren's cousin, in a painting. He asked them to visit the village of Goldenleaf, which he had recently purchased and where an orchard grows gold leaves. Findlethisk came and told Aldren and Graham that the Inverted Pyramid had been breached. Aldren and Graham told him of Tristan and the talking painting. They will be in his office in the morning to face disciplinary action.

At the Onyx Spider, Graham met KAT and Balik. He told them of Goldenleaf. KAT thinks Graham was taking whispyroot. Balik listened to the story with a healthy cynicism. I arrived after stalking my father and Balik summed up Graham's story. I chided Graham for using whispyroot and offered a shot of vinegar with a pinch of nightshade, which would dull the effects of the whispyroot. On his way out, Graham saw the ostentatious sorceror from the first night at the Onyx Spider and noticed his Inverted Pyramid symbol. His name is Barras and he smells really good. Barras is quite the character.

Balik told me the god I was trying to think of is called Niveral, whose high priest during the Night Of Dissolution was a minotaur.

I went to borrow my father's horse and he suggested we rent them from a stable owned by his friend.

The ride to Goldenleaf took about three hours and we could see the gold leaves from the top of a the hill on the approach to the village. There has been no gardening or upkeep of plants in about a month or so, which is about the last time Tristan Harpell had contact with his manservant, Darrak Dunhill. There are no signs of life at all. It is as though everything living simply disappeared. The trunks of the trees in the orchard are black to a certain point and above that are covered in gold leaves that shimmer in the light. A well of white sparks on a table seems to be the source of the transmutation magic that Aldren detected. We approached the orchard and everything went black.

When we awoke, we had shrunk. We lifted a now very large hat and revealed some bugbears. We were sort of rescued by a raven and headed for the tall grass. Saorse, an elf, led us through the tall grass to a basket. Someone named Freya did some transmutation to shrink everyone. We made our way to the bridge in an attempt to get to the table. KAT cast a spell to speak with animals just in case the raven came back. The raven came back and scooped up Graham. Graham misty stepped away and KAT cut a deal with the raven, Emrir. We got to the table and met Freya, who sent up the well of white sparks as a signal. Her focus, an orb, is in Emrir's nest and is causing everyone to be in a shrunken state. She gave use potions of spiderclimb and we climbed the tree. We knocked the orb out of the nest and it shattered on impact. We were immediately restored to normal size and Freya thanked us. She gave KAT a gold leaf engraved with a D. The Doomstaff family now owes us a favor. We found Tristan's manservant, Darrak Dunhill, in a bottle of cider and returned to Ptolus.

Troubled Waters

My father seemed unnerved by my tale of adventure. When I mentioned the hill giant, Furrl, he dropped his goblet. He blamed it on his advancing age. My father told Balik that there is an ordinance that the giants must stay away from the small folk. This order was sent down by the giant king Hekaton. Ghelryn Foehammer found KAT at the Onyx Spider. Ghelryn brought the gift of dwarven plate mail for Balik. The plate mail has a strange rune on it. The next morning, after my morning workout, we met at the Ghostly Minstrel for brunch. Balik told us about the Foehammer lineage, which is short and begins in Ptolus. The Foehammer clan is mostly smiths. We decided to go back to the Onyx Spider and saw Ghelryn. He told us of some strange fellow chanting in the surf by the docks. Ghelryn admitted that though the rune has been in his family as long as he can remember, he does not know its meaning.

We went to the docks and saw what appeared to be a priest chanting. The water shot up in two geysers and then sea spawns came to attack us. After all but Graham and Balik almost died, we managed to defeat the sea spawns. The priest-like enemy escaped to some underwater cavern.

We managed to get potions of water breathing. We returned to the docks and got into the water. Graham led us to the underwater cavern, where we encountered a wall. Graham used the decanter of everflowing water, blowing the wall apart and Aldren away. Some force prevented the water from entering the cave. KAT heard the clicking of a claw. On the other end of the cave was the head of a female storm giant. The clicking was coming from a hook horror. Also in the cave was a kraken priest. We killed the hook horror and the kraken priest. We set up a system of nets and brought the storm giant head to shore.

We were met on shore by Ghelryn. After renting a cart, the head was brought to the temple of Inurath while I got my father. My father, Ives, seemed to know Targus. Ghelryn and the rest of us recalled the Night Of Dissolution.

Balik, Aldren, and Graham went to the Noble Library. Balik learned that the clock face represents the Day King and the Night King. He also learned that the clanless dwarves had been enslaved by giants. The rune on Balik's armor is the giant rune for fire. The temple we found in the Moonsilver Forest is tied to giants. Balik learned that the Foehammer clan was valued by the giants as smiths. Ghelryn most likely does not know about his ties to the giants. The oldest dwarf in Ptolus is called Eberk and claims no clan. His is on Clasthamus Isle in the Necropolis.

I will ask my father about Targus in the morning.


Off diary notes: The Day King was known for his kindness while the Night King was known for his cruelty.

Fool's Errand

I have found myself at the Onyx Spider because the Ghostly Minstrel is unusually busy tonight. I am joined by my friend, Balik, a forge cleric of Teun. A fancily dressed man has requested that the bard play a song about giving behirs fire. Two fellows at a nearby table are watering down and sharing an ale. A dwarf by the name of Ghelryn Foehammer is looking for someone to hunt some game in the Moonsilver Forest. Balik and I have been cast together with KAT and two wizard types, Aldren and Graham.

We arrived at the village of Mistmill, our set off point for the Moonsilver Forest and its strange, blue mist, and met Shandra Stol, the high priestess of the town, a Lothian worshiper. She told us that the strange, blue mist has been here since the village's founding and very few people journey through it and fewer still return from it. We will take shifts watching over the remaining cattle. The people here are… interesting.

During the night, Graham sprayed Shandra with a geyser of water. Balik saw something in the woods and roused the party. We met Prince Thornacious, who told us that a giant is responsible for the livestock shortage. Sylus, the town alchemist, sold us a bottle of condensed mist, which seems suspicious.

We retrieved Aldren from the alchemist lab and made our way to the temple, where we met Furrl, a very logical hill giant. In exchange for helping Furrl, he left the temple in Balik's care and gave him an old, dwarven clock face. As we were about to leave, Thornacious entered through a portal and attacked us. Thornacious turned out to be a hag.

While we were able to defeat the hag, it was not without losses. The hag planeshifted Furrl to Inurath knows where. The temple seemed to be devoted to day and night. It has nothing to do with the gods of the twenty four hours. We spent the night in the temple and set forth for Mistmill with the recovered livestock. The mist remained. On our return trip, we stalked and killed a deer to bring back to Mistmill. Shandra was surprised we returned. We believe she was working with the hag. She confessed to having worked with the hag. I have used the lavender dye in my hair and it looks very good. I returned to Sylus to find that Aldren and Graham have shaken down the alchemist for nine gold pieces and written "cheater" on his door. We brought Shandra to the church of Inurath in Ptolus to bring her to justice. A quick word with an acolyte led to a meeting with Targus. We left Shandra with Targus and went to Balik's temple to learn more about the temple we found. The dwarves at the temple think it is a relic from the Stonelost. The dwarves got us passes to the Noble Library. I then went home to tell my father of our adventures.


Off diary notes:
Thornacious was sending the livestock to the feywild. The writing of "cheater" on the door resulted from the town alchemist's attempt at using semantics to get out of paying a bet. 

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